What Sports Memorabilia Is Not Good Value for Money

Hey all! It’s been a while! With this pandemic outbreak, I finally have the time to slow down a bit and share my thoughts on this blog that I love so much but have unfortunately neglected for quite some time.

I’m not gonna lie to you, it’s been tough for the store with this pandemic – people are losing jobs, businesses are being shut down and some are simply afraid to go out that much and avoid unnecessary visits to stores in general. Since my store does not sell essential goods but sports memorabilia, it is understandable that I get fewer customers these days. I try to use the time and get some renovations done at home at least, for example, we changed the old leaking water heater and installed a tankless one this time (I read extensively on tankless.net, but I am still unsure if I picked the right model) and we also installed new wall units in the kitchen. But still, time goes by so slowly and this outbreak is no fun at all!

Anyway, I wanna dedicate this post to helping you get wiser about what not to collect in terms of sports memorabilia. I understand many of you folks out there are in a tough situation because of the repercussions on the economy of this virus, so one thing you really don’t want to be doing is collecting memorabilia that is not worth anything. So what not to collect?

1) Autographed items

You might want to avoid these. The reason is simple: the overwhelming percentage of them are simply fake. Of course, it doesn’t mean that all autographed items are fake, but the fakes are sometimes difficult to distinguish from the authentic ones even for the experienced eye. If you ever ask a player to sign something for you, a helpful tip to consider is to have a picture taken of the two of you while they are signing the baseball or any other item that they may be signing.

2) Pins, pin-back buttons, pennants, and plaques

These items are also something that you may wanna reconsider, as all of these are produced in large quantities. In other words, they are not worth a lot.

3) Stamped pieces

To get an autographed piece (an authentic one, of course) is much more valuable than simply getting a stamped piece. It is easy to see why: a famous player signing an item is more difficult than simply putting a stamped signature on an item.

4) Books by players, coaches, etc.

Granted, books by players can be worth a lot, but this is only if they are signed by the actual player or coach. Otherwise, you might wanna keep clear of these, as well.