There Goes the Neighborhood

You can think all you want that your neighborhood is safe until a robbery occurs and you immediately change your tune. It is more than unsettling if you thought you were not prone to such occurrences. There is nothing more upsetting than theft. When you own a store, you feel violated if there is any vandalism or goods or money are taken. You think you had taken precautions, but obviously not. The first thing I thought when I heard about a local robbery was “there goes the neighborhood.” I guess the next thought was it is time to get a gun. There are issues positive and negative about owning a gun. The scary part is that there can be an accident if someone unauthorized mishandles the gun. If you know what you are doing, it does serve as protection and a deterrent. When robberies occur, sometimes your life is at stake. That is the biggest argument in favor of ownership. You have to weigh the odds of a dire situation.

Given that I own a shop that contains many valuable items, I feel a need to consider protecting my assets. I will acquire the appropriate firearm and learn to use it. I will keep it within easy reach hidden under a counter. It will reside in a small gun safe that is unobtrusive and just large enough for the size of the pistol. This gives me a layer of security against accidents. I am not interested in collecting guns and I don’t need a large rifle size gun safe. I will get one suitable for my needs and nothing more. I dread the thought that I might have to use it, but there comes a time when reality sets in. After all, we did have that one recent invasion of a store. I think I feel more protected now and that I can fend off intruders. Of course, I don’t want to shoot anyone, but a gun is the best deterrent there is. When my fellow store owners on my street found out about the robbery, we decided to form a business neighborhood watch. Not every proprietor wanted to house a gun on premises, so this was one solution for those against gun ownership. More than one owner opted for a gun and we decided to discuss the matter thoroughly at a neighborhood watch meeting. We asked those against what was the problem and how we could help remedy it. We mentioned that helpless feeling you get when you are threatened with theft and that you really don’t know what to do if you are in the midst of a crisis. A few store owners changed their tune on the gun issue and we vowed to meet and teach ourselves safety measures and the operation of the weapon. We visited a gun range for practice a few times. I mentioned my gun safe and convinced a few others to acquire one. We were all in it for the safety and protection.