Street Festival

You could say that I am minding the store. I am always on the lookout for new sports memorabilia and baseball cards to replace sold inventory. Searching and acquiring is an enjoyable game. I have many sources online but by now people know what I want and bring or send it to me. This makes having a variety of items much easier and I don’t have to abandon the store. But I do have a laptop in the back and most days I am purchasing something. How lucky I am to work to satisfy my passion. If you are like me and watching the game isn’t enough, come on in and we will chat.

But, surprisingly, I am now hunting for the best bounce house for kids. So I go online but in a different way than usual. I want to know their sizes and what themes are most popular. I also want to know rental prices so I will make a judicious choice. Why on earth a bounce house you ask? Here is the answer. We are having a street festival and I want to pay for a booth to attract customers. That is the point after all, not just amusement but business. A street fair is a promotional event and people come from far and wide so you better give them something to look at or do. I got my best memorabilia out for display and put it on the sidewalk where I stood to receive questions and provide info. You might think that a bounce house is cumbersome and unsuited for either a street fair or a memorabilia shop. You would be wrong. It is hard to obtain for a good price and sometimes the best ones are all taken. In point of fact, in the long run they attract parents and their kids and after sufficient time frolicking about, they come into the store. The person who has the most popular offering is the winner. The street festival was successfully and profits hit the bottom line. A bounce house is a great idea because kids collect baseball cards as they have done for generations past. I know the ones that are coveted and try to stock multiple examples at the time of the annual fair.

I want to be different each year but, frankly, the bounce house has to be there. People have come to expect it at one or another of the local stores. I take a survey a few months before the street festival to see what the store owners intend to do so there is no duplication. Most have come to realize that I have dibs on the bounce house. It doesn’t make sense for an adult restaurant, a hair salon, or a hardware store. It takes up a lot of parking space anyway so there are a few minor drawbacks. No matter. The bounce house is the highlight of the day. Come nightfall, it is deflated and trucked away.