Shop Promotion

I try to get publicity for the shop whenever I can, however it happens. You can put up flyers in the neighborhood, take out a newspaper ad, or even use the radio to announce any major changes in inventory. I have been lucky to get a local newspaper reporter to do a story on some of the more unusual items in the store. I wanted my life history and how I started getting into memorabilia. I told him everyone likes it depending upon the era and subject. He was fascinated and wrote a comprehensive piece that was flattering to my enterprise. I was happy with the response and it even increased store traffic. Given that result, I wanted to continue shop promotion. That’s how you keep business going.

I looked for new opportunities and got wind of an impending town craft/business fair. Apparently, they happened once a year and it was well attended and a major event for families and kids. The organizers were offering booths for businesses to show their wares. It is all about promotion. I thought it was a good idea and not prohibitively expensive. I could man the booth and bring with me a selection of interesting items for display and sale. I hoped that if I made it look inviting, traffic would come by and ask questions. I would keep a stack of flyers and businesses cards on the booth table for distribution.

I had to do a little advance planning. One idea I had was to tote my trusty beach umbrella with me to keep me protected from the sun. If you are out all day, you can get quite burned, even on a mild summer day. You can rent tents for your booth as well if you don’t have an umbrella, but I do so why spend the extra money. The umbrella was eye-catching anyway and far superior to a tarp made of plastic. I was right. People at the fair commented on how clever I was to avoid the damaging sun. I was a unique booth—one of a kind. Some people liked huddling under the umbrella with me to safeguard themselves from too much sun. After all, it was a large street fair that required a lot of walking to cover the ground. There were food vendors, artists making jewelry or paintings right on the spot, and there was the assortment of booths of which I was a member. I wanted to see everything myself and asked a friend to booth sit for an hour. Promotion can be fun. You meet all kinds of people and prospective customers in particular. I expected to see more than a few of them soon in the store. Lots of people took the flyers so they were the perfect companion piece to the booth’s goods. I made a note to myself to do it again, even better, next year. And you can bet that the striped multi-hued umbrella would be there once again to set the stage for a colorful promotion.