Protecting Your Assets

When you sell goods, you have a certain protective attitude toward them. Some items are valuable and this attitude is warranted. You wouldn’t want any damage to be inflicted upon them. After all, they are your assets. You have to package some breakables properly, wrapping them in clean paper and using some extra padding. Small items need to be grouped together perhaps in a Ziplock baggie so no little pieces get lost. There are a million ways that things you sell can break and become useless. If you want to sell them, you’d better be on the lookout for unforeseen ways they can lose their value. This philosophy applies to any goods you own whether you sell them or not. It means that you should think about protective covering for things like your cell phone (consisting of a solid case), your car (a suitable cloth tarp for example), and your mattress (they make plastic protectors that are easy to put on).

The mattress protector was something I bought after a little incident I had with it. I volunteered to dog sit for a friend. It is a tiny little animal and so cute that I put him on the bed. I expected him to signal to me that he needed to go out by jumping off. I didn’t realize that his little legs were too short and that he was intimidated to make the leap. He was so comfortable on the bedcovers that I didn’t think about his basic needs. One morning I forgot to make the bed and the coverlet was yanked down almost completely off the surface. The sheets were also pulled down exposing the mattress. I figured I would have time later to attend to it so I went to work and left the little dog in his favorite spot in spite of the lack of sheets and bed cover. He curled into a little ball and fell asleep as I was getting dressed for work. Not being used to having a pet around, I forgot to take him for a walk to “do his business.” I simply patted him on the head and ventured off.

I didn’t know the consequences of my neglect until I got home. The little dog had peed on the mattress and it soaked right through. It was that much given the size of the dog, but it was still an “accident” that didn’t need to happen. If I had purchased a mattress cover when the mattress was new, it would have prevented the soiling. These covers are designed to be waterproof while they also protect the mattress from dust mites. I couldn’t yell at the poor little creatures because it was entirely my fault. I was remiss in forgetting to let him out. I quickly stripped the bed, washed everything, and sprayed the mattress with pet stain remover. I had to run and get it at the supermarket. I remade the bed and took the dog for a long walk. Needless to say, he did not return to his former sanctuary.